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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Ways I Have Saved So Far

Christmas in Europe might seem like a pricey venture for a family with two kids. My husband always says that you can't save money while you are spending it, but here are a few ways that I saved money while spending money on this trip!

1. Airfare -- We bought our tickets directly through the airline agency about 6 months before our departure date. When we decided that we were going to make this trip, we started checking prices obsessively on a nightly basis. They fluctuated from 1500 dollars a ticket to $750 before bouncing back up to 1000 dollars. One night, they were $525! We didn't hesitate and bought them on the spot. Have your trip planned out. Make sure you know when you are going and where you want to go so when the tickets become available, you will be ready to make the purchase without worrying about it. It paid off for us...two days later the tickets had jumped up to 800 dollars!

2. Hotel -- When we started looking for hotels, we read all the travel books, travel guides on the Internet and got recommendations from friends. Then we got out the maps and searched for hotels on discount hotel websites. After choosing the area of town and street we wanted to stay on, we found a hotel next door to a swankier, more expensive hotel. The reviews are fantastic and we are paying about 75 dollars less a night.

3. Christmas in Europe -- Christmas in Europe means that we will be bringing our presents to Europe in a suitcase. It means that for the most part, Christmas in Europe IS our family Christmas gift. This has helped cut down some major spending. All of the money that we are saving by buying fewer gifts that are less expensive is going into the family travel pot! This has opened up a few other opportunities that we may not have had otherwise.

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