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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Book Early

We leave in 39 days for our winter trip to Europe. My father has graciously offered to watch the kids for two nights so that we can go anywhere we want, just me and the hubby. We were going to go to Prague, but after calculating costs, we decided to stay a little closer to "home". After much searching, we decided that we are going to head to Innsbruck right around New Year's. This is the first problem. We cannot find a hotel for under two hundred dollars a night and we can not find one for two nights in a row. So right now, we are at the point where we decide to either a) forgo the trip all together b) change our dates or c) stay for only one night, limiting what we get to do. So, if you haven't already booked your hotels for the holidays, make sure you book them tonight!

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