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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The End of an Era

I got an email from my mother the other day with a link to this article about a rock slide at Curry Village in Yosemite. Yosemite Park Service is closing a third of Curry Village because the rock slides have become more common and too deadly to allow people to stay in the tent village. They will be turning the closed section into an awareness exhibit about the history of rock slides. While I am glad that Yosemite is finally recognizing the need to close this area due to the danger, I am extremely sad that I will not be able to take my children to see the Curry Village that I knew. We visited Curry Village and the surrounding areas several times while growing up. The last time I visited was in 1997 (if I am wrong, correct me mom!) with my sister and my mother. My sister and I both agree that Yosemite holds some wonderful memories. Here are some pictures from that last visit.

My sister and I (looking very young because we are!) at Yosemite

My mom, my sister and I

In front of one of the Curry Village tents

1 comment:

Deb Douma said...

I think these are from two different trips. One was just with the three of us, the other was with Mary and Jennifer. I think we went at least 4 times the last 6 years we were in California. And, I've been back once since.