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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day Two--Garmisch, Germany

We got to break in all of our new snow jackets and mittens and such...it is FREEZING here! Quite different from the 78 degree weather we left at home! Sera is not a fan of the snow jacket, but she loves the mittens and pink hat. Seth hates his jacket but wore it when we forced him to. We walked around downtown Garmisch for a bit today. We were so surprised at how many people were out on this dreary, slushy day. If it looked like this at home, the only place you find someone would be in the mall or Target!

Kind of reminds me of "A Christmas Story"

We took a walk through a very small Christmas market where the kids rode a little merry-go-round. I was amazed to see so many buildings painted with beautiful murals. Some were absolutely huge.

The kids found this statue of a boar in front of a bank and had to take their picture with it.You know I take too many pictures when my kids actually ask for a pic!

A view of one of the streets on the fussgangerzone

Tomorrow we head to Vienna, Austria!

1 comment:

junebug said...

Aw, that reminds me of Switzerland!!
Europe is so beautiful!