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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I *heart* Delta...for now...

So yesterday, I freaked out about how much luggage we are planning on taking to Europe with us. For part of the trip, we will be staying with family so we are going to have unlimited access to a washer and dryer. That being said, we are still taking two car seats, a suitcase full of ski stuff, Christmas presents for the whole family, and everything has to work in snowy weather! I called Delta yesterday and found out that for our ticket purchase timeframe, we are still able to bring 2 bags each. Since we had to buy four tickets (no more lap children for us), that is 8 bags total! Now, we are in no way planning on bringing that many pieces of luggage but it is nice to know that we can if we need to!

Stay tuned to find out how many bags we actually pack!

On a side note, Passports with Purpose is off to a fantastic start. I went to the First Giving page to check it out. In two days, Passports with Purpose has raised 810 dollars! How fantastic! I can't wait to see what it raises over the next month. If you haven't checked out the prize page yet, don't forget to! There are some awesome prizes!

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