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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are spending Christmas in Germany! What a fantastic place to spend Christmas! It is everywhere you look! One of the best parts about Europe at Christmas is the amazing Christmas markets. I think that we have been to seven of them now! You can find just about anything at these Christmas markets. My favorite one so far has been in Salzburg, Austria. It was absolutely humongous!

The drink of choice is Gluhwein (pronounce Glue-vine). This is an extremely strong alcoholic drink...kind of like mulled wine, only stronger. I could only try a sip! Pretzels, cookies, candies, and bratwurst can be found on every corner. Handcrafted ornaments, smokers, nutcrackers, nativities, and soaps are everywhere. Even if you are feeling like a Grinch, the Christmas markets can put you in a great mood.

The kids got a little crazy at the markets because there is so much to do and look at. Be prepared to purchase some treats because staring at them in the case is just too torturous! When one of the kids started acting up, we just pulled them to the side to calm down until they were ready to keep walking.

The Christmas markets are most beautiful at night when they are all lit up. This is also when it is the most crowded. If you are on your own, I recommend attending the market at night. Most of the larger markets open at 9 or 10am. If you are going to the market with your children, this is the best time to drop by. The crowds are light so you don't feel like you are constantly running around looking for your children!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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