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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Packing for 19 days

Packing for one is hard enough...

Making sure your significant other is bring everything they need is twice as hard...

Packing for two kids on top of that feels like you are packing for an army!

For this trip, we decided to try Space Bags. These bags are great! We were able to squeeze ski clothes for four people into a medium sized suitcase.

Using three different Space Bags, we packed four heavy jackets (two adults and two children), four pairs of ski pants, three pairs of goggles, three pairs of mittens, two pairs of ski gloves, four scarves, and four hats!

Currently we have three suitcases, two carry-ons and two personal items. Our house looks like a hurricane has hit it!

We have also tried very hard this time to make sure that we do not overpack. We are probably underpacking. I have tried to look at everything that I want to bring differently. Instead of 8 pairs of pants, I am bringing 4 heavy duty ones. Instead of 10 shirts, I am bringing 5 with the intention of doing laundry every few days since we will have this luxury.

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