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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Photo Friday! Viennese cakes...yum!

One of my favorite parts about this trip so far is the plethora of bakeries! There is one on every corner and sometimes there are two or three right next to each other. In Vienna, we stopped at the world famous Cafe Demel to try the Sachertorte. We have tried four different cakes so far and my favorite is Esterhazytorte. They are not just cakes...they are works of art!



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Global Gal said...

Yumm!! I gorged myself on dessert while in Vienna, which was a total treat after months here in dessert-desert rural China!

My friend's wedding (the reason for my visit) cake featured three tiers with three different cakes - the Mozartorte, the Esterhazytorte and a third which I don't remember the name. Pure heaven! Even better, I got to eat more of the cake at the groom's parents' house the next day.

I brought bags of Mozart chocolate home with me and my husband and I ate it all within a week!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing these gorgeous pictures!!

Mara from Motherofalltrips said...

I know there wasn't a planned theme for Photo Friday this week but I'm 3 photos in and am somehow craving sweets and a trip to Vienna! Thanks for sharing this pictures.

I also have done lots of traveling with little kids. Treats are more fun that way because you have extra mouths and can justify buying even more...

Debbie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Now I really need to go to Vienna.

dommy said...

Ok...so now I'm hungry!
People think I'm crazy when I'm out snapping photos of cheese counters, cake stores, butcher shops and the like...but it helps me remember some of the great meals and times we've had during our travels.


Anonymous said...

Remember the bakery we went to each morning in Paris...that was one of my favorite parts of that trip!!! Gosh that was a long time ago! Wish I were with you!!!