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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oberammergau--Passion Play and Wood Carvings

In the few short hours that we spent in Oberammergau, it was obvious that this is a must see. We first heard of this little town from one of our classmates in our German language class. She and her husband are planning a trip to Oberammergau for the Passion Play in 2010. The Passion Play was first performed in the 1600's. The town vowed to act out the play if the lives of the villagers were spared from the plague. Unbelievably, the villagers were spared from the plague so they kept their promise and have been performing the play every ten years. Thousands of people come to see this play that is put on by the townspeople.

We spent the beginning of the day in Oberammergau at a little sledding hill. After visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein, we drove past this little hill on the way home. Children just our kids' ages were sledding all over it. It was just the right size! We returned to this hill a couple days later so the kids could sled. Sera was not thrilled about sledding and spent most of the day in the van with me. Seth, however, had a blast!

After sledding, we did a little shopping in the wood carving stores. Oberammergau is well known for its wood carvings. A lot of it is hand carved and one of a kind. The stores are filled with beautiful nativities, ornaments and jewelry. My favorite store had the most beautiful nativity in it...unfortunately it was waaaaay out of my price range so I settled for a small carving of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

The nativity that I wanted but couldn't afford! I got a picture instead! You don't even want to begin to guess on the price!

Wood carvings stacked all over the store

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey jen, i love your blog. it's nice that u like traveling around germany so much. i enjoyed the states so much as well.
have fun and if you have any questions concering german traditions (like pigs for new years, go ahead and as! ;))