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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Friday -- The rooftops of Innsbruck

When we were in Innsbruck, we climbed the Stadtturm (148 steps if I remember correctly!) to see the view of the city. As we walked around the outside of the entire tower, I snapped a bunch of pictures of the city. I was excited about how cool some of them turned out when I was reviewing them at home! The rooftops are absolutely beautiful. Some have gardens on them. Many of them are a gorgeous rust red color.

My favorite rooftop picture!

I spotted our hotel--it is the bright pink looking one!

More roofs!

The Stadtturm (City Tower)

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WanderMom said...

I'm stunned that you were able to do all those steps with kids!! But the photos are certainly worth it.


Debbie said...

These are lovely :) I love rooftop pictures too... the last ones I remember taking are of the rooftops in the Soho neighborhood in New York, but the most memorable are of the rooftops of Hanoi -- when I look at those, I can almost hear the roosters that woke me up every single morning while we were there.

jamiepea said...

There's just something fun about looking down on things...

Anonymous said...

that first picture is stunning, bird's eye-view!

Soultravelers3 said...

We love walking the old walls in Dubrovnik, Rothernburg and other places on our world tour! Isn't Austria a great place for kids?

Unlike Wandermom, I don't think we have missed any tower or stairs through out Europe as my kiddo looooves climbing to the top of everything! ;)

minnemom said...

These are beautiful!

Jen said...

Wandermom-As much as I would like to say we took two small children up to the top, we didn't! We actually left the kids with my dad for a little night escape to Innsbruck on our own. However, we would have tried it...my kids love stairs!

Debbie-Never would have thought the pictures would have turned out the way the did! I am going to take the first one and have it framed! Would love to see the photos of Hanoi!

Jamiepea-I know what you mean! I am almost 6 feet tall...I look down on lots!

kidsgowest--thanks so much!

Soultravelers3-We had a blast in Austria with our kids. They especially loved Salzburg and there was so much for them to do...and there were kids everywhere...very different from other parts of Europe!

minnemom-Thank you!