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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Royalty in the deep south!

Big things are happening in my hometown! Pensacola is celebrating 450 years! Pensacola was actually America's first European settlement, settled in 1559 by Spanish sailor Don Tristan De Luna. Unfortunately, a hurricane wiped out the settlement so it is not considered the longest constant settlement. To celebrate 450 years, the celebration is big! Everyone has been gearing up for this year long celebration! The highlight of this celebration is a visit from the King and Queen of Spain! They will be visiting February 18 and 19th and there will be several opportunities to see them. Stay tuned!

Also, according to this article, Pensacola was named one of the top ten family friendly vacation spots by Trip Advisor. I tried to locate the actual Trip Advisor article, but was unable to find it. If anyone finds it, please send me the link or post it in comments!


Soultravelers3 said...

We love Pensacola and it was one of our inspirations for our open ended world tour! I grew up in Michigan and every winter we would take several road trips down to Pensacola to camp and enjoy! One of my fave memories is leaving in snow & waking up to warm sunshine!

Jen said...

Soultravelers-That is awesome! Where did you guys camp?