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Monday, January 12, 2009

Travel Blogger Tuesday

When I started this blog a few months ago, my main goal was to share my own experiences to show how easy and how important it is to travel with your children. Traveling with children is not as taxing on the brain, body and wallet as some people may think it is. I have discussed my traveling on my family blog since 2007, but I wanted to expand. Once I started this blog, I found that there were so many resources out there. The travel blogging world is bigger than I could have ever imagined! With my participation in Passports with Purpose, I was welcomed into the travel blogging world with open arms even though I had only been travel blogging since October of '08. Travel Blogger Tuesday is my way to say thank you! Each Tuesday, I will be showcasing a travel blogger. As I continue to showcase travel blogs, I will add them to my links on the right side of the blog!

If you have any blog suggestions or are a travel blogger yourself, leave me a comment or send me an email at twokidsandamap at gmail dot com!

Today's showcased travel blogger is Debbie at Delicious Baby. Delicious Baby is the first blog I found about traveling with kids. What a find! Delicious Baby is all about "making travel with kids fun"! There are great travel tips and reviews of products that are useful while traveling. She writes all about her experiences about traveling with her children, as well as showcases other writers and their experiences. You will find comprehensive city guides that include kid-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities. Delicious Baby moderates Photo Friday, where travelers all around the world post their travel photos once a week.

Some of my favorite articles at Delicious Baby include:

Why Travel?
-- Reasons why you should travel with your kids

Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane -- Our favorite is tip #3!

Phoenix with Kids Day 3: Taliesin West and the Arizona Science Center
-- A funny (well maybe not so funny to Delicious Baby!) account of a plan that went awry...it is nice to read that other people have "must see items" that probably should have been "must see without the toddlers" too! We have all been there, done that...my must see was Schloss Neuschwanstein...what a disaster!!

Check out Delicious Baby here!

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