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Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Weekends

This weekend I was in a dear friend’s wedding. We had a blast spending the entire weekend preparing for the special day. As I watched M and C walk down the aisle, I reminisced about my fantastic wedding day…it is hard to believe that it was almost nine years ago! M and C’s wedding was absolutely perfect and I am so happy for them. The bridesmaid dresses were a gorgeous color, M’s dress was just right, and the men looked great in their tuxes.

M and C at the rehearsal

Josh and I at the wedding

Bridesmaids all dolled up and ready to walk down the aisle!

Even though you might not be traveling for your wedding, many of your friends and family are spending a lot of money to travel to you! Most of the time, your friends and family will spend more than just the day of your wedding in your hometown. You will be busy with your own plans…let’s admit…it is one of the few times that you can be self-absorbed! Create a visitor goody bag for all everyone who is traveling from out of town.

  1. The first tip I have is to start collecting the below items and information early. Some places limit the number of items you can pick up at one time. Other places might not have enough for you at the time you stop by. By beginning early, you can ensure that you will have a goody bag for everyone.
  2. A month or two before the wedding go to your local tourism office and pick up whatever free items they have! Get lots! Our beach office gives away free plastic bags with the city name on them as well as these little bags to go collect the gorgeous white sand that characterizes our beaches. Use these bags and other items to put together a little goody bag that you can give your guests as they arrive in town. If they offer city maps for free, pick up a bunch of those as well.
  3. Drive around your city and make some stops at the hot tourist spots. Go to museums, amusement parks, bars, restaurants, and malls…all those places that will help entertain your guests while you are busy. Pick up pamphlets at each stop so that you can throw them in the goody bags.
  4. Make a list titled “Top Ten Things to Do in (your city here)” Include a brief description of each place, cost, and the amount of time they might spend. Make a special note of kid-friendly places to visit.
  5. If you live within an hour of some other great tourist spots, make a note of that.
  6. Create a list of emergency numbers. Include the local hospitals and urgent care offices. Decide who will be the contact person for your guests. Make sure that cell and home numbers are included. The contact person should be someone who will not be incredibly busy all weekend (leave the bride’s mother off of this list!). Do you have a close friend who might be willing to be this person?
  7. Include an itinerary of the wedding weekend with a note of who is expected to be at each event. For example, if out of town guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner make a note of that.
  8. If the budget allows, include an already stamped postcard so that your guests can send a little note home.
  9. Purchase or print off a city map (or see number 2!). Make notes on it highlighting the spots that you have told them about. Photocopy a map for everyone.
  10. Plan a few outings that people can sign up for…you are the director of this cruise ship! Meet in a central location and show everyone a little bit of your town!


Deb Douma said...

Re: #6 ... the mother-of-the-bride is ALWAYS the contact person!!!

Deb Douma said...

The mother-of-the-bride is ALWAYS the contact person! :-)

Jen said...

Ha! As a former mob, you would probably have enjoyed a break from being the point of contact! MOB can be the second point of contact!


Your friend - the Bride - looks gorgeous! She is just glowing like an angel!

Jen said...

Soup of the day -- She was absolutely glowing and is the most photogenic person I have ever met!