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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Do you like brats and beer? Do you like a loud atmosphere and lots of people? If so, you will love Hofbrauhaus in Munich. This beer hall has a very rich history. The Hofbrauhaus began operation in 1592 and was founded by Wilhelm V, the Duke of Bavaria. The menu consists of typical German fare. The Hofbrauhaus is a fixture at Oktoberfest. You can hear the singing down the street as you walk towards the beer hall. Don't be alarmed if someone asks to sit with you at your table. The tables are long and hold many! Just make sure that when you get a table, you don't sit at one marked for the regular patrons. You will know that the table is reserved when you see them marked "Reserviert" or "Stammtisch." When it gets busy, you might find yourself making new friends! During the day, the Hofbrauhaus is a great place to take the kids if they like pretzels!

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