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Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel Blogger Tuesday

This week's Travel Blogger is Teacher Meets World. The author of Teacher Meets World, Monna, is a Canadian living in Barcelona, Spain living what is admittedly my dream job! She is a teacher overseas. She gets to do the two things that I love to do...teach and travel Europe! And what a cool teacher she is...she and her hubby have a travel club! I am constantly admiring her photography and was amazed to learn that she takes most her pictures with a point and shoot. Monna has a fantastic eye for an amazing picture. That being said, she is also a fantastic writer. Her posts are full of thought provoking questions and meaningful statements. If she asks a question and you choose to answer it, she will post back to you.

Some of my favorite posts...

The way it is for little girls in Paris -- This series of photos is beautiful. The little girl is just adorable and the post is great!

Palace Moments, Vienna -- The picture in this post made my heart skip a beat. It is how I hope I look when someone sees me with my children!

Possibilities (a photo and two poems)

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