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Monday, February 9, 2009

Travel Blogger Tuesday

When I log on to Nomadic Matt's website, the first thing I look at is his Travel Goal list that runs down the left side of the blog.

I. Love. This. List.

It has so many cool goals on it...many of which are the same as my own travel goals! The blog is aesthetically pleasing and I continually drop by to see which new photos he has added. Matt's photo gallery is absolutely amazing. There are over 4000 photos from all around the world. I love this photo taken in one of my favorite southern cities, Savannah, GA, and this photo makes me want to move Australia up higher on my list! He has some great travel tips and a comprehensive list of travel bloggers from around the world.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Choosing the Right Backpack -- Had we read this list before shopping for my hubby's pack to walk the Appalachian Trail with, we would have been saved from countless headaches! The Gregory Baltoro is the first pack on the list...and the last one out of 100 packs my husband tried on. He decided on the Baltoro and would be thrilled to see it on the top of this list!

Best Places to go Scuba Diving -- The pictures in this blog post are incredible. The blue of the ocean and the brightly colored fish make me (who is scared to death of sharks) want to get my scuba certification!

Travel Blog Exchange: A Place to Meet Travel Bloggers
-- An interview with Travel Blog Exchange founder Kim Mance

The Secret to Long Term Traveling
-- Matt answers the one question travelers often ask...how are you able to continually travel?!?

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