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Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you preferred?

I am a bargain hunter. I have very few loyalties when it comes to companies. If I have found a great deal with a certain company and was happy with the service, I will certainly check with them first before I start hunting for another deal. But if I don’t find a deal, I will move on. Because of this, I have a hard time racking up the frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and free deals. Recently, I was talking to my mom and she said that she always signs up for the reward programs. Even if she might never stay in that hotel or fly that same airline again, she will still sign up. I decided to take her advice and when I booked a room at a Holiday Inn online a few months ago, I signed up for their Priority Club Rewards Program and didn’t think twice about it.

Fast forward to the trip.

I arrived at the hotel and was greeted pleasantly. They informed me that they had my Priority Club Reward number on file and they handed me all kinds of free stuff! I got a room upgrade because the room that I had booked was not available yet. I also received two breakfast coupons for their diner, one for each day that I was staying there. When I went to breakfast the next morning, I found out that each coupon was for any item on the menu up to 12 dollars total! Wow!

Since I am new to the reward scene, I would love your input. Are you a reward card carrying member? Which rewards have paid off? Which rewards are easy to use? Which rewards have you found difficult to redeem?

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