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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My First Guest Article!

When I first started this little bloggy blog, I was really just looking at journaling my travels with my family. Friends always ask me how and why we travel with our children as much as we do. I thought that this blog would be a good way to chronicle our adventures, both in writing and in pictures, as well as serve to show the public that it is easier than you think it is. I have had such an awesome time making online connections with other people in the travel blogging world. I am hoping to attend TBEX '09 and meet many of them. Still trying to iron that out, but we will see. Recently I had the opportunity to write my first guest post on Things You Should Do. I wrote about one of my favorite restaurants, The Atlas Oyster House. Thanks so much to Julie for the opportunity to guest blog. If you have a blog and are looking for a guest blogger, I would love to participate. If you would like to do an article exchange, please let me know!

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