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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Andrew's Oaks By the Bay in Panama City, Florida

This weekend we went to visit Daddy J's brother Matt while he was visiting their mom and dad in Panama City. While there, we had a family friend take our family pictures. I take most of the kid's pictures (no more Walmart or Sears for us!), but I didn't want to just set the self timer for these. Adria Peaden at Adria Peaden Photography took our pictures at Oaks by the Bay...you can check out our pictures here. After we took our family pictures, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of this beautiful park!

There are beautiful trees with all this moss hanging off of them and the flowers were blooming. There is a boardwalk over the dunes that the kids can run out on and it leads out to the water. The Marina is just a few blocks away. You can check out the boats or eat at Pappy's German Restaurant. We didn't eat there, but my hubby definitely wanted to try it. It is a very small restaurant with amazing smells coming out of it! It was packed! There is a beautiful gazebo where many residents have had their wedding ceremonies.

This tree is known by many locals as the "four headed palm tree"....so bizarre looking!

The boardwalk over the dunes heading out towards the water

One of many boat docks that have fallen apart due to old age or hurricane

So many cool angles and shots of boats in the marina

We found this dilapidated, old boat just hanging out in the water. There were a lot of people fishing right by it, so it must be a great hang out for the fish!

Some of the storefronts


Adria Peaden said...

Glad to see someone spreading the good news about St. Andrews in Panama City. It really is a forgotten part of the town but one of our best features.

Kelley Close said...

I love St. Andrews Marina. With Granny living a few blocks down the road, I was down there ALL THE TIME. It's also so nice to see people fixing it back up again. Next time you're in town, we need to hit The Captain's Table and then the Coffee Shop for dessert. Definitely neat places.
We may not have the most exclusive or swanky places, but I love my home town.