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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonders of the World

Recently I came across a website called Hillman Wonders of the World. I looked through the list and realized that although I have done much traveling, there are so many things I still have left to see...and that is only from this list in particular! Here are the wonders that I have seen:

#40 -- Louvre Museum
#80--Yellowstone National Park
#86--Eiffel Tower
#89--British Museum
#92--Yosemite National Park
#99--San Francisco

9 out of 100...not a very good percentage! Now, the 1000 Wonders of the World list on the same website...that is another story. I think I have seen about 50 of those...still not a great percentage though! Looking at this list makes me want to start planning another big trip...unfortunately it isn't in the works for this month... That being said, Daddy J and I have some travel plans. Together, we are going to Panama City, FL to visit family. Josh is headed to hike another portion of the Appalachian Trail. I can't wait to get the pictures back from that trip! How many wonders have you seen? What is on your list to see next?


Mara from Motherofalltrips said...

Well, I've only seen 20 on that first list. Helps that some of them are grouped in one general location!

Although we're traveling quite a bit this summer and fall, I won't be adding to that list. But I feel pretty confident that I will do a good job of tackling many of them as the kids get older. I definitely want to plan a family trip to the southern hemisphere sometime in the next few years.

Rocket Ma'am said...

I've only seen 14, and I've traveled quite a bit- that list makes me feel like a loser! I want to take a cruise somewhere other than the Caribbean- doesn't matter where. Not in the cards for a while, though.