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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amsterdam, Netherlands with Infants

For the fourth part of my series of posts titled Europe 2005, I am going to share our impressions of Amsterdam. If you ask people to tell you what the first thing they think of is when they think of Amsterdam, it probably isn't "a great vacation spot for infants!" However, Amsterdam is actually one of the most welcoming and child-friendly spots that we visited while on that trip. There were families, both locals and tourists, wandering around everywhere.

We stayed in Hotel Atlanta, a very small family run hotel in the center of everything! Because it is family run, this hotel welcomes children with open arms. I distinctly remember the person checking us in making sure that they said hi to my son! We stayed in the twin standard room and although it was so small, we still had enough room for all three of us. The hotel is located in the perfect spot...overlooking Rembrandtsquare, a famous part of town.

While in Amsterdam, we walked around Dam Square, toured the Heineken Experience, and took a canal cruise at sunset. My favorite part of the trip was the visit to the Anne Frank House.

The Anne Frank House

One of our most memorable meal experiences was in Amsterdam. We wanted to give Indonesian food a try and the hotel suggested a restaurant in the square. We walked in and realized it was one of the fanciest restaurants we had ever eaten in. We were very worried about bringing a 10m old into this environment but the waiter welcomed us in quickly! He found a high chair in the back of the restaurant and quickly got us settled. We ordered Rijsttafel. Warmers were placed in front of us and soon dish after dish started coming out from the kitchen. They brought out crackers for our little guy to chew on while we ate.

Have you been to a spot in this world where you felt like your children were welcomed more warmly than other places? Please share with us in the comment section!

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