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Monday, April 27, 2009

Camping? Book your campsite early!

Twice now, we have tried to book a campsite a few days in advance and they were all booked up. We were not picky either. We looked at all campsites within a 100 mile radius of us (that included three different states!) and couldn't find a single one during the weekend of Easter and the weekend after Easter that had tent campsites left. Yesterday I booked a campsite for next week and we got the last tent site available. I remember when you could just call the day or two ahead and book two or three sites without a problem. I would imagine that this trend is going to continue as families continue to cut back on travel costs. I think more families are giving camping a try. I have several friends who used to love to camp but haven't since they had children. Now that travel is something that is easiest to cut out of the budget, my friends are finding camping as a great alternative!

We have always loved camping...ok...my husband has always loved camping. I tolerated it for awhile and now I love it! We have been camping all over the place: the beach, the woods, the zoo, even our front yard when our power was out for two weeks due to a hurricane. I have even been camping at 8.5 months pregnant (my family will tell you that I was miserable to be around on that trip...an air mattress and a pregnant belly do not mix!). We haven't been camping in awhile so I think this trip will be different from other camping trips. I am used to my little ones being content to sit in my lap all day while I read a book and then going to bed as soon as it gets dark because we lock them in the packnplay. This time though, we will have two very active children with us. I will keep this in mind as I pack for the night and plan activities. Keep an eye out for the follow-up post after the camping trip!

Camping in the front yard after Hurricane Ivan

Getting ready for bed while we are camping at the Zoo

Hanging out in the tent!

Who needs toys while camping?!?


familyadventureguidebooks said...

So cute!! When my oldest was little would go camping all the time. Now a little older and with less little ones I'm less brave. We have found camping with the cubscouts is great. We do family camp and get to canoe and hike. They even make us breakfast one day!


The Q Family said...

I can't wait to hear about your camping trip. I have always wanted to do camping but my hubby is strongly against it. :) I am still working on him. So for now, I can live through your experience.

-Amy @ The Q Family