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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grand Place - Brussels, Belgium

This is the sixth part of a series of posts in which I am sharing pictures and thoughts from my first major trip with children. You can read the first five posts here: Trier, Germany; Kelty Convertible Backpack; American Cemetery and Memorial; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Zermatt, Switzerland and the Matterhorn.

When we decided to make the trip to Europe with our 10mo in 2005, so many people thought we were nuts. They asked us how we would be able to enjoy ourselves. How were we going to go out and have a good time? And the most common question we got from our 2o something friends? What about all the great beer?

I will admit that planning this trip was much different from planning the trip we took recently (Christmas 08). Big S was still small enough that he was content with sitting in our laps or the stroller for many minutes at a time. Even though we were traveling with our little guy, we still got to enjoy so many activities geared towards the big kids! The Grand Place is the perfect example of this!

The Grand Place is the central square in Brussels, Belgium. We stayed in Brussels for one night as we were passing through on our way to London from Frankfurt. Brussels is a beautiful city. The Belgium lace, the Belgium chocolate and the Belgium beer certainly lived up to their reputations. It was absolutely surreal as we enjoyed a meal while sitting in the middle of the Grand Place. I wish that I could remember the name of this great little restaurant/bar. They had the most amazing les Carbonnade Flamandes, a beef stew made from hearty Belgium ale, and pommes frites, french fries that are fried not once but twice.

Manneken Pis

This funny little cutout was in the chocolate store where we shopped for what seemed like hours!

And the beer you may ask? We enjoyed that too! My favorites were: Framboise (a rasberry beer), Kriek (a cherry beer) and Kwak (an amber beer that is served in this very cool glass).

Enjoying that great rasberry beer!


Marina K. Villatoro said...

Wow, I soo love this square. I especially love the side streets with cafes and restaurants. Funny, how they make such a big hype about the Manneken Pis and he's tiny! When we saw him, we were like: this is it, this is what saved Brussels:)
great pics!
ps, raspberry beer is my absolute favorite!
The Travel Expert(a) - Living and Traveling Central America

The Q Family said...

I really love your Europe trip series. :) We plan for our trip in a couple years so I might have to ask you questions about what to do or where to go..

-Amy @ The Q Family