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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kelty Convertible Baby Backpack

This is the second post in my series where I will be reminiscing about our 2005 Europe trip. I was so thrilled to come across pictures from the trip on a CD. I thought the pictures had disappeared with our crashed hard drive so I want to share them with you!

There are not too many things that we must have when we travel, but this is definitely one of them. We were a little concerned about taking the big stroller to Europe, but we didn't want to just rely on a backpack carrier. After scouring the Internet for days, I finally decided on the Kelty Convertible Baby Backpack.

This backpack is very pricey but it was worth it. We used it as a stroller as we walked from gate to gate in the airports. Once we were in Europe, the stroller was fantastic as a backpack as well. We converted it to a backpack if we needed to walk up the stairs or stroll through the cobblestone streets. It converts quickly and is easy to put on as a backpack. We used it for several other trips after we got home from Europe. After trips to Europe, Washington DC, and San Francisco our little guy was not so little anymore! We had to retire the backpack stroller. Fast forward a few years and we were making another trip to Europe...this time with two kids! Little S was almost 2 and we were concerned that it wouldn't work. We had to oil the wheels but it was just fine for her. The stroller made it through another three week trip to Europe. We probably won't be able to use the stroller again...it was pushing it on this trip because she is so tall. Both kids loved to use the stroller in backpack form the best. They were high up and could see everything. Another benefit to the backpack stroller was that it sits a little higher than other strollers. It made for a great high chair at feeding time when there were no high chairs to be found.

Using the stroller as a backpack

Walking down the rainy streets of Berlin

Waiting for the Changing of the Guard in London

Riding the tram to Zermatt, Switzerland

Smart cars were not popular yet and many people hadn't even seen one yet. We thought it looked very similar to our stroller!

Disclaimer: I did not receive this stroller free or to review (although it would have been nice because it cost over 200 dollars! :-). This is a piece of baby gear that we chose to purchase on our own (long before this blog) after reading many reviews on this and other products.

1 comment:

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

We loved our Kelty Convertible,too. Got us through lots of living and traveling in Asia. It's a great piece of gear and we were always getting stopped by families wanting to know where to find one. Love the shots of your little one.