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Monday, April 20, 2009

Travel Blogger Tuesday

I missed last week's Travel Blogger Tuesday edition because I was chaperoning 40 high school students at a journalism conference. Because of that, I am going to showcase a website run by not just one but four hip mamas for today's edition. I found Traveling Mamas when I was trying to decide on a domain name for my own travel blog. I was so disappointed that someone had thought of it first until I realized what a wealth of information I had found! These four mamas have great names: MudslideMama, DesertMama, CajunMama, and MountainMama! They discuss things from traveling with kids of all ages, gear that works, and getaways for moms! Some of my favorite posts include:

Women, Travel and Hotel Safety: The Door Stop Alarm -- This is a review of a door stopper that is a great way to feel safer at night in a hotel by yourself.

Tips for Finding Adult Drinks in Disneyworld -- This cracks me up because anyone who has been to Disney knows that sometimes you just need a little cocktail to help you relax!

Six Free Things to do in Denver, Colorado -- I wish I had seen this list before our trip to Colorado last summer!

Exploring Louisiana Monroe and Ruston -- I love the idea that this mama has...she is giving her kids a few choices for their summer vacation and letting them guide the way. What a great way to get your older kids involved! Her theme for this year is "learning about where you live" and I think that is so important because so often we travel all over the world but haven't checked out what is in our own backyard!


Jen said...

Wow! What a great surprise! Thank you for featuring us in your blog post, it's really flattering.

We're so glad you love sharing travel with your family, too.
Mudslide Mama

Kara said...

Just wanted to share my appreciation, too! Thanks so much!


Lorraine said...

I've been enjoying Traveling Mamas too! I think they just went to Puerto Rico (?) and blogged during their trip. It would be fun to think about potential names for more mamas. Ah, Luau Mama!