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Monday, April 27, 2009

Travel Blogger Tuesday - Keeps Me Smiling

Lorraine, from Keeps Me Smiling, is the co-owner of My Busy Kit and the blogger on Keeps Me Smiling. Lorraine knows firsthand how crazy traveling with kids can be because they have been all over the place! I enjoy reading her blog because she throws a little bit of everything into the mix. I especially love the pictures that she shares on her Photo Fridays. A few of my favorite posts:

Top Ten Reasons Why I am Still Blogging -- I agree with every single one of these. Number 5 made me laugh out loud!

Kids in Space -- My son was in heaven when he saw these pictures

Families that Travel Together

On a side note, check out her business website, My Busy Kit. Please note: I have not tried the My Busy Kits out nor did I get asked to write a review. I need to pick up two for my children! These travel kits are full of great activities to keep your child busy on the road. They are perfect for the mom who doesn't have time to sift through the toys at home and pick out the appropriate ones for travel or for the dad tired of packing all the 2 foot action figures! Lorraine and her business partner have already done that for you!


Anonymous said...

I love Lorraine's blog. Her stories are positive, entertaining, and honest. And she shares that love of travel, I love reading about the cool places she goes with her kids.

Lorraine said...

Well howdy Jen! What an awesome surprise to see in the blogosphere tonight! Thanks for such a great mention. Travel Blogger Tuesday is such a good idea, it makes folks anticipate what is going to happen each week. I'm already looking forward to tuning in next week!